Are You Preparing Your Site for Voice Search?

In May 2016, one in five searches on Android devices in the US is voice activated.

Avoid becoming antiquated, prepare your site for voice search.

With voice search, people now ask the entire question or search query instead of just keywords.

Programs like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now have been fine-tuning their voice search trying to integrate natural speech patterns and mannerisms. They have created an integrated response that considers the need for spelling corrections, previously searched material, and contexts based on location, application, self, and what you see on-screen.

So, to get found by those using voice search, try implementing these strategies.

  1. Preparing Your Site for Voice SearchAsk or answer a question in your site tagline. Voice search users are trying to solve a problem so in my case, my pitch is “get your product and business found”. My site tagline states exactly what I do and it is how I get found by search engines. However it is not perfect. When I test this phrase using voice, my site is listed in the top 5 of the search query results but when I test using Google voice search I am at the bottom of the first page or top of the second page. I have room for improvement.
  2. Using natural language in your sited content shows intent more strongly. When you type a search, you use computer language — “Florida vacation deals,” for example. When you speak a search, you use your own language: “What are some Florida vacation deals for June?” or “How much does it cost to fly to the Florida?” The advantage of this is the degree of specificity. That’s also where you can stumble. If one of these specific queries goes to a generic page, chances are you’ll lose the click. To boost your chances of winning, make sure you offer search results that can answer the query most closely.
  3. Consider creating a FAQ Page that answers questions. A page that lists down the frequently asked questions on your site helps voice searchers find you. Questions asked through voice search usually begin with “what”, “why”, “where”, “when”, or “how”. When creating a FAQ page, make sure to utilize these terms to start a question.

When preparing your site for voice search you should closely examine your content strategy. You need to ask yourself the question – does your content align with the questions people ask?

Test voice search on Google by clicking on the microphone in the search box.


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