Google Local Guides

Why Participate in Google Local Guides?

October 26, 2016 Dennis 0

Sharing is power! Participating in Google Local Guides exposes you to a new global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Your efforts help others find the best spots in town, make new […]

Michael Fauscette

A Thought Shift

September 8, 2016 Dennis 0

A Thought Shift is occuring. Old way “Knowledge is power”, New way “Today, sharing knowledge is power. That is the new power!” Michael Fauscette  Collaboration, content and community. What do you think are the benefits of […]


Content Marketing Central to Digital Strategy

August 20, 2016 Dennis 0

A study done by Conductor Research recently asked 187 marketing executives from a cross-section of B2B, B2C, and agency companies how their team approaches content. They wanted to know do they take the “quantity’ approach and […]

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