Is Mobile Marketing Disrupting Your Customer Engagement?

80% of internet users own a smartphone.

Mobile marketing

How do you adapt? Where do you get started?

  • Understand your mobile users. This is a rapidly growing segment.They now use several types of devices to access your site. Make sure you prioritize optimization efforts toward all of those devices.
  • Set measurable and realistic goals when you optimize your site for mobile. Consider starting with the content assets that drive the most leads to your site as a way to dip your toe in the mobile waters.
  • Use a responsive design. A responsive theme is a theme built to adapt with the output automatically for tablets and smartphones offering a great mobile user experience.
  • Create short forms. You can ask users to fill out forms, but pare down the fields as much as possible. Typing on a smartphone is a nuisance at best and difficult at worst, so shortened forms and those with pre-filled options the user can scroll through are ideal.

Leverage Mobile’s Capabilities

  • Use features specific to mobile devices. For example, you can use GPS to let users check in at your establishment (you can even provide a reward for those who do), offer click-to-call functionality.
  • Create content tailored to small screens. Shorter content that is formatted in bite size chunks is ideal for the mobile experience. Be specific, utilize bold headings, bullet points, and numbered lists to break up longer paragraphs and make it easy for the reader to find what he needs.

Integrate Mobile With Your Marketing Strategy

  • Integrate paid search. Your mobile marketing strategy can include a paid search component by posting Google Mobile ads through your AdWords account.
  • Include calls-to-action. Mobile browsing should be more streamlined than desktop browsing, but calls-to-action are still a must.
  • Use mobile to move leads through your funnel. They’ve opted in to your campaign or pulled up your site, so they’re already interested in you.
  • Integrate mobile campaigns with your CRM. As with any other campaign, you can and should track and nurture leads that come through mobile campaigns.
  • Make opting out easy. Be as legit with mobile marketing campaigns as you are with everything else. If you’re doing email, SMS or MMS, make it clear how to opt out and if any rates may apply if the user engages in your campaign.

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