Is LinkedIn a Lot Like Love?

December 1, 2016 Dennis 8

Commentary : (MoneyWatch) Where would we be without LinkedIn, the business white pages for planet Earth? I bet you couldn’t imagine going back to the days before you could find people you’d lost track of or attempt to connect with pretty much anyone in the working world, whether they […]



LinkedIn Definition, Definitions and How-To

December 26, 2012 Dennis 3

LinkedIn is the business side of social networking designed specifically for the business community. The site has become a centerpiece for registered members to publicly acknowledge the people we know and trust professionally. I decided […]

Is LinkedIn Premium The Key To LinkedIn Marketing?

November 22, 2012 Dennis 0

Today, business networking remains a key driver of sales in organisations around the globe. Technological advances and the advent of online social networks have presented a great opportunity in this area but many companies and individuals have failed make the transition to online networking. […]

Social Media Statistics Infographic

January 21, 2012 Dennis 0 recently published an infographic with metrics comparing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Items of note: Average Facebook fan has 130 Friends and likes 80 pages Most common reason we “Like” a brand on Facebook, we […]