5 Tips to Getting Better Email Response

Better Email ResponseWhat are the tips to getting better email response? Boomerang asked their customer base what was working and here is the surprising results.

  1. Write your content at a level a 10 year old can understand. An email written at this level had a 36% lift over emails written at a college reading level and a 17% higher response rate than emails written even at a high school reading level.
  2. Let your emotion show. Another significant factor in determining response rates is how positive (words like great, wonderful, delighted, pleased) or negative (words like bad, hate, furious, terrible) the words in the message are. Emails that were slightly to moderately positive OR slightly to moderately negative elicited 10-15% more responses than emails that were completely neutral.
  3. Write short (but not too short!) emails. The sweet spot for email length is between 50-125 words, all of which yielded response rates above 50%. Response rates declined slowly from 50% for 125-word messages to about 44% for 500-word messages. After that, it stayed flat until about 2000 words, then declined precipitously.
  4. Use short subject lines. Subject lines with only 3-4 words (excluding email conventions like Re: and Fwd:) received the most responses. Once again, though, the response rates dropped slowly as more words were added. So if an extra subject line word will add a lot of clarity, go ahead and include it. Including some sort of subject line is critical: only 14% of messages without any subject line at all received a response!
  5. Take a stand! Opinionated messages see higher response rates than objective ones. The more opinionated the content of the email, the higher the response rate climbed.

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