5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing is the New SEO

Inbound marketing is defined as the concept of earning the attention of site visitors, making yourself easy to be found and attracting potential customers to your site by producing content they love! The New SEO is  Inbound Marketing!

The chart included here is a view of our Organic Search traffic showing our growth over the past six weeks. As you can see, we’ve experienced a steady climb in organic search traffic week over week, with a few small dips in a few of those weeks.

So, the big question is, how’d we do it?

And how can you replicate these results with your own Inbound Marketing activities? Here are five things you should know.

  1.  Consistent and Evergreen Blogging – We have sworn to blog at least three times weekly. We are also focusing on content that does not grow old.
  2. A Focus on Quality Content First, Keywords Come Naturally – Valuable content grows in value. We have noticed that our best articles continue to receive traffic long after they leave the front page of the site.
  3. Link Building Will Come Naturally – Without any effort at all, our inbound links have grown. Items one and two will naturally build inbound links.
  4. Promote Daily – You Have to be Found – Adopt a tool that allows you to schedule your sharing, we use BufferApp and have found great success. The tool also has to have analytics so that you know what is working. Share your content with your community. If they love your content, they will share and promote your message.
  5. Use the Right Tools! I find that WordPress SEO by Yoast is an essential tool so that I get everything right. The features provided by this tool enable me to get more visitors! I really feel that this tool has my back!

Use these steps and you will be implementing the “New SEO”.


  1. Great advice, Dennis. One of the tools I’ve found very useful is Scribe. It’s a commercial service tied to a WordPress plugin, and you may not need it forever, but it is a great way for people to begin to understand how their content “looks” to search engines.

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